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Dangerous Alliance review

I received this in the Book Box Club’s December box but had only just got round to reading it this month. So many books to read, so little time! But how glad am I that I finally got around to reading it. I’ve only finished a few books this year but this has definitely been my favourite so far.

I love how each chapter starts with a quote from a Jane Austen novel. And look how pretty the new chapters are. You don’t need to have read Jane Austen either to enjoy this book. I have read a couple of her books but years and years ago so I can’t really remember them but that did not take away any enjoyment of this book.

Vicky loves Jane Austen’s novels and imagines herself to be Elizabeth Bennet, being quite reckless and rather unladylike for the time. When it falls upon her to find a suitable husband in order to save the family estate from falling into the wrong hands she is torn between two men.

I liked how Vicky stuck up for herself and attempted to save her own life, not needing to be rescued by a man. She was no damsel in distress! She did come across as quite naive at times but then she expects life to turn out like a Jane Austen novel, she has no awareness of the hardships of actual life. But this also gave her quite good character growth as she realised, as the book went on, just how horrible and selfish some people could be.

The author does a good job at keeping you guessing throughout the book. There are so many accusations flying about that you never know who to believe. The majority of the time I did feel sorry for Tom but then you don’t know if he is just using Vicky. Mr Carmichael is very friendly towards Vicky but also comes across as quite arrogant and bigheaded. It all comes clear at the end but I won’t give away any spoilers!

The end did shock me quite a bit as I wasn’t expecting it to be that extreme. Vicky also seemed completely fine with her actions whereas I feel like a person would feel a bit traumatised if they’d been through what she had.

Dangerous Alliance kept me hooked throughout the whole book and I would definitely recommend to everyone. 5 stars. I need to keep an eye out for Jennieke Cohen’s other books!

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