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Favourite Authors

Hi all. I thought I’d write a post including my favourite authors. Some are new in the last year, others have been firm favourites for years.

I’ve loved Phillippa Gregory since I borrowed my mum’s copy of The Other Boleyn Girl (before the film came out). I love history anyway so historical fiction will always be one of my favourite genres. Obviously I am aware that not everything she writes is based on facts and she has used some creative freedom to embellish but, just judging on story writing, Phillippa Gregory can do no wrong in my eyes. Every time I read one of her novels, whether they’re based in the Tudor period or with the Lancasters against the Yorks, I always feel completely immersed in the world and the characters. And even though I know what is going to happen (surely everyone knows that Anne Boleyn gets beheaded?) I still feel shocked when deaths like this happen.

My one issue is I am incapable of reading things out of order which means, although I have a few of her books (thanks to Amazon’s daily deals), I can’t read them yet because there are others that come chronologically before. Yes I know they are all standalone novels this is just my problem. It’s the same with watching tv series. If my housemate is watching something I can’t just join in without having seen the previous episodes. I think I may be a bit on the spectrum.

To say I stated I prefer young adult and fantasy there seems to be a lot of mainstream adult authors on this list. Although Cecelia Ahern has written books for young adults. I’ve only read Flawed but am dying to get Perfect as well. Completely different from her novels for adults, these are one of my favourite genres; young adult dystopian.

I first read one of her books way back when P.S I Love You came out (not a fan of the film. Why is it set in America?) and have reread that and Where Rainbows End many times. I read The Marble Collector last year and have Lyrebird on my list this year.

I discovered Jodi Picoult when I borrowed my sister’s copy of My Sister’s Keeper. I think I was in year 9 at the time so a good 17 years ago (wow I feel old). I even used her in one of my uni modules to prove she had literary merit and wasn’t an easy chick lit style book.

Her novels all mainly follow the same suit; something bad happens and then a court case entails. What I like about Jodi Picoult is how she tackles such important ethical and moral issues in a sensitive way.I find they really make me think about what I would do in that same situation. I think my favourite book of hers is Salem Falls (I also read this at the same time as I was studying The Crucible for my Drama and Theatre Studies AS level which may be why it stood out so much to me). I have A Spark of Light to read this year.

Nadine Brand is an author I only discovered last year when I received Romanov in my Book Box Club (can’t remember which month) and I think it may have been my favourite read of the whole year. Elements of history and fantasy, what more could you want! I can’t wait to get my hands of Fawkes. I lent out my copy of Romanov so have no photos!

I will leave it there for authors. Who are your favourite authors?

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