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January Book Box Club

January Book Box unboxing

If you haven’t heard of the Book Box Club, it’s a monthly subscription box run by Libby and Kate. Each box has a different theme and includes a new young adult book as well as lots of bookish goodies. Past items I’ve received include candles, hats, mugs, coasters, bookmarks, notebooks and many other amazing items. What’s great about the items is that they’re from small businesses so is a great way to support them and discover new amazing shops. Which I’ve found quite handy when I’ve been buying birthday and Christmas presents!

January’s theme was Deadly Secrets and included not one but two books!

Bookish goodies galore!

The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliott. If everything was taken from you, what would you do to get it back? Agatha patrols the sea walls with pride, despite those in her clan who question her right to be there, because of the condition she was born with. Jamie is a reluctant Angler, full of self-doubt and afraid of the sea. When disaster strikes, the pair must embark on a terrifying journey to a land where forgotten magic and dark secrets lurk in every shadow…

The Pure Heart by Trudi Tweedie. The purest heart is easy prey… Summoned by a wealthy merchant to be his daughter’s companion, Iseabail is taken from her island home – and the boy that she loves – to an isolated grand mansion in the Scottish borderlands. Unnerved by her gifted young charge and the house’s strange secrets, Iseabail soon wonders why she’s really been brought here – and whether she will ever make it back home.

I’m still reading the book from December’s box at the moment but I can’t wait to read both of these!

Deadly Bath Skull by Pretty Suds

I may have to gift this to someone just because I don’t tend to have baths. The hot water takes ages to reach the taps in the bathroom so we don’t tend to use it. Which is a shame because it looks amazing!

Mia Corverse Candle by Amelia’s Kitchen Candles

Another new shop I have discovered and now love. I love candles anyway, they make me feel so cozy especially in winter. This one has been inspired by Nevernight, which I am yet to read. It’s scented with blackcurrant and clove and reminds me of Christmas!

Voldemort Magnetic Bookmark by Magic Bookmarks

Voldemort isn’t meant to be cute, but he is on this!

Dracula’s Castle Pouch by Iron and Ink

The perfect size to put stationary in. I have been needing something to put my pens in!

In each box you get an invite to the Clubhouse where you get a chance to ask the author a question. It’s my ideal set up because it’s all done on a chat system which means I can sit in bed in my pyjamas with no make-up and no one will see me!

Are you part of any book box subscriptions?

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