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The Good Hawk review

By Joseph Elliott

I seem to be on a streak with my five star reads at the moment! This book has everything I could want; a map in the front, Vikingesque characters, author’s knowledge on SEN, and a great plot!

So the story focuses on two main characters, Agatha and Jamie. The clan view Agatha as odd and don’t feel she belongs. Jamie is a worrier and has been given the job of an angler even though he can’t stand being on boats. When disaster strikes it falls on these two to work together to save their clan.

On the author page it mentions that Joseph Elliott has worked with SEN children himself and the character of Agatha was inspired by some of those children he worked with, particularly those with Down’s syndrome. Personally, I have only worked with ASD children but even their mannerisms came out in Agatha’s chapters where she narrates. I think he has done a really good job with the portrayal of somebody with SEN and showing how people act when they don’t understand.

The book is split into three parts which shows where the characters are in the world. Although some topics are quite serious, there were also good amounts of humour thrown in which helps to lighten the mood. For instance the tournament with the highland bulls. I liked how in the middle section included chapters from another character who hasn’t been introduced yet and you’re left thinking about who it could be. They are also written in a different way to the rest of the novel which gives you more of an insight into this unknown character’s mind!

Overall, I feel The Good Hawk did a great job at making me feel all the appropriate emotions you should feel when reading. I laughed, I felt sad, I felt tense. I hate it when you feel nothing when reading books!

What makes me excited is that this is the first of a trilogy and now I can’t wait for the next books!

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