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February Book Box unboxing

Roses are red

I’ve been a member of the Book Box Club for about two years on and off now and (even though I should be saving money for boring adult things) I can’t see myself stopping any time soon. The theme of the February box was Roses are Red. I must admit I wasn’t very excited about this theme because I’m not feeling particularly romantic at the moment. However, when the box arrived and I opened it I was really happy! This has actually been one of my favourite boxes!

The Upside of Falling

The book included was The Upside of Falling by Alex Light. I started reading it one evening and then finished it the next morning. It’s quite an unoriginal story line in that a girl and boy fake a relationship and then end up actually falling in love. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before vibe. It was a quick, light-hearted read and I really enjoyed it!

Ignore the robin socks…

Couples mug by Ink and Wonder

This is such a pretty mug featuring many bookish couples! It is sitting proudly on my bookshelf as, unfortunately for me, it is a little bit too small to use for cups of tea. I did use it to eat my brownie though.

Chocolate brownie mug mix by Bakedin

Chocolate brownie will always be my favourite cakeish type food. This was gone the first day I received my box. Only good things to say about it! Who doesn’t like chocolate brownies??

Roses scrunchie by Lady Sarah Collections

I really wish I could wear this. It’s so pretty and loads of bookstagrammers look amazing in scrunchies. I, however, end up looking like a child which, at thirty, I don’t want. It is currently decorating my book shelf on my dinosaur money box…

Love letters notepad by Kimcarlika

Give me all the notebooks please. I think I have an addiction. I still have some from ten years ago. I swear I do use them, I just have so many to get through! This notepad has such a pretty floral design which I love.

Just me & my book tote by Book Box Club

I use all my tote bags for storage which means I have pretty storage. I keep my wool in one tote (I’ve only just started knitting, I’m not that good yet!) This tote describes me quite well!

What did you think of this box? Or do you subscribe to a different book box?

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