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Book Box Club March Unboxing

The theme of this box was Mythical Monsters which may possibly be my favourite theme, although May’s sounds pretty awesome! Being a fan of all things fantasy, I love anything featuring dragons, mermaids, krakens, unicorns etc.

The featured book is Hold back The Tide by Melinda Salisbury.

The blurb for this one is: Alva is the daughter of a loch-keeper and guardian of a dark past. She’s desperate to escape her isolated existence and is making preparations for a new life. But as her plans take shape, myths of a monstrous tribe threaten to shatter everything she thought she knew about her family, home and future.

I’m actually yet to read the book. Think I’ve been saving it for a day when I can just chill in the garden and read without any distractions!

Wall hanging with artwork by Klara Hawkins

As soon as Book Box Club unveiled one of their suppliers as Klara Hawkins I had to follow her on Instagram. Her artwork is incredible. And then I saw the wall hanging and was even more in awe of her. It is now proudly hanging on the wall by my bed. Thank goodness for command hooks.

Loose leaf tea by The True Tea Company

I can be a bit fussy with fruit teas. For some reason I don’t like hot liquid fruit. Even mulled wine. Mulled cider is ok. The only way hot fruit is acceptable is in pie or crumble. This is drinkable but not my favourite. I’ll stick to my usual tea. Although I do sometimes branch out to a bit of earl grey…

Nessie tea strainer by Ototo Design

My current tea infuser from Whittards had holes that were too big and so loads of leaves escape into the bottom of the mug which no one wants. So I’d been looking for a new infuser for a while. And then appeared! Not only are the holes smaller enough so no leaves fall into your mug but it’s the Loch Ness monster! Called Baby Nessie!

Niffler magnet with artwork by Emily Carrier

I love Nifflers. They’re one of my favourite mythical creatures from the Harry Potter universe. My only issue is I am lacking anywhere magnetic to put my magnets. We have a silly fridge disguised as a cupboard. I’ll have to invest in a magnetic board or something!

Iorek enamel pin by Book Box Club

I’m not a massive fan of getting pins, mainly because I have no where to put them. Maybe I need to come up with something so I can display them! This did remind me I need to do a reread of His Dark Materials before I read the second Book of Dust as I can’t remember what happens!

What did you think of this box? Do you subscribe to any other boxes, bookish or not?

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