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Bookcase tour

I love seeing how other people organise their bookcases. As much as I love seeing rainbow and pastel bookcases on bookstagram, mine just don’t work like that. For one, I don’t have enough colours, all mine seem to be black. I think that might be a dystopian/fantasy thing. And for two, it stresses me out if books in a series are separated. I think I may be a bit on the spectrum that way.

So I thought I’d show you how mine are currently organised!

Top shelf

On the top I have newly purchased series that I need to read. I have now read Throne of Glass and can’t wait to finish the series!

Second shelf

This seems to be my dystopian/fantasy series shelf. Mostly black. Why is that? Although I do love the spines of the new Noughts and Crosses series! I won’t be lending these ones out (this is the third time I’ve bought this series!)

Third shelf

My mainly Harry Potter shelf! Dumbledore was my leaving present from school (I have since returned! My colleagues were just too awesome!) Unfortunately his glasses have not survived three house moves and have snapped on one side which means they constantly fall off. And how amazing is this Gryffindor cross stitch! My fabulous housemate made this for my birthday last year. I feel like she needs to make me a full set of all the houses!

Fourth shelf

Game of Thrones shelf. I’m still yet to read Fire and Blood. I opened it the other day and didn’t realise there were pictures in their! There are also some new to be read books on this shelf and the shelf above that don’t really belong anywhere.

Fifth shelf

Book Box Club books minus ones that have been lent out. And other random young adult and Philippa Gregory books

Bottom shelf

Hard backs that don’t fit anywhere else and some more children’s and adult books.

This does change sometimes if I get bored. My non-fiction are on a different bookcase.

How do you organise your books?

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