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Pottermore sorting

I’m not going to lie, I’ve done the Pottermore sorting a few times before and each time I’ve come out as a different house. So far I’ve been Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin. It’s been a few years so I thought I would try it again!

I made a new account and went to the sorting straight away. I’m pretty sure the questions have changed as they often got you to choose out of two things rather than a multiple choice question. It all seemed a lot more visual!

And this time I came out as… Ravenclaw? So that is now all the houses! It might be because my lifestyle is a bit different now in lockdown and I am doing more reading and learning new skills etc? Or you just can’t categorise people!

Next I had my wand choose me by answering questions about myself and came out with a Larch wood with a phoenix core, 10 3/4 inches and slightly springy flexibility!

Now for my Patronus! Last time I remember getting some sort of wild cat. This quiz takes you on a journey through the wood. It has some pretty good effects and recommends you putting headphones on to get the full effect. And my result is…Osprey! Which is some sort of bird. According to RSPB they are mainly found in Scotland and are birds of prey which hunt fish, found mainly by fresh water or coastal areas. Well I do like being near water so it does make sense!

I wonder if it would come out differently again if I were to take it in six months or a year from now…

What is your Pottermore sorting? Do you agree with it?

2 thoughts on “Pottermore sorting”

  1. Bwahahaha well I have done it once and I am a Ravenclaw (agree even if I feel close to Gryffindor) and my patronus is …a hedgehog LOL


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