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May Book Box Club Unboxing

I was looking forward to this box all month as the theme was Dangers and Dragons! Anything fantasy related I love.

The featured book was Burn by Patrick Ness. I’d seen this around bookstagram so was happy to receive it in this box. The blurb says On a family farm in1950s America, Sarah discovers her destiny is linked to the dragon hired by her father. Soon she is embroiled in a world full of undercover assassins, extremist cults and ancient prophecies and forced o follow her new fire-breathing friend on the wildest of adventures!

I’ve been busy reading an ARC and continuing with the Throne of Glass series so haven’t gotten around to Burn yet but looking forward to when I do!

Dragon Socks by Joe Cool

I think these may be the best socks I own. Not only do they have eyebrows, but the bottom of the foot is the dragon’s mouth!

Dragon Egg Bath Bomb by Druid And The Witch

This is cute. I will have to test to see if my bath will run hot enough at some point as I now have a lot of bath products!

Draconis Enamel Necklace by Book Box Club

This is one of my favourite items in the box. Cute and wearable!

Smaug Foil Print with artwork by Tim Ingle Art

Anything Middle Earth related and I’m sold! I’ll have to find somewhere to display this.

Hungarian Horntail Candle by Midnight Flame Co

I think this one I will save for winter as the smell reminds me of Christmas and mulled spices!

Did you get this box? What was your favourite item?

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