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A World Through Sapphire Eyes Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is the first book from Marie Mackay, born in England but now living in Canada. The author sent me a free ARC of A World Through Sapphire Eyes in return for an honest review. I’ve kept this as spoiler free as I can!  

A World through Sapphire Eyes revolves mainly around Vason who wants nothing to do with the chosen one as finding his sister, who was lost in the Knoxen Slave Network, is his main priority. Which is why it is unfortunate for him that he is the one that finds her. The story follows Vason as he is conflicted between continuing his search for his sister and his growing connection with the girl who is the Iliate.

This only took me two days to read as I got fully sucked into the world that Mackay has created. I read a lot of fantasy books but this is the first I’ve read that uses magic based on elements, so already it was an original read for me. I loved how it got straight into the action as I’ve had to dnf a few books recently that were to slow.

At the beginning I did get a bit confused with the characters as a lot of them have names beginning with the same letter and I wasn’t always sure who was who. The author has handily included a key of the main people at the front of the book which I was able to refer to and after a few chapters it was a lot clearer in my head. Also, it wasn’t anywhere near as confusing as the amount of people on one page in A Song of Ice and Fire and I coped with that!

One feature I liked was that the beginning of each chapter has an excerpt from the book one of the main characters is reading which means you are learning the definitions of some of the magical features along with the character. I did struggle a bit to keep track of all the definitions e.g Anami, Oraclin, but that did not impact my enjoyment and the chapters do go into more detail.

Mackay is able to hint about the characters really well. At the start I didn’t really like or trust Vix but didn’t know why. And straight away I was rooting for Vason. A lot of books don’t make you feel emotionally involved with characters so this was a big strong point with AWTSE. It makes you care about the characters.

One thing I wanted to know more about was Vason’s sister and why she was lost in the slave network. Also why the Archon was Vason’s mother? What had happened to his natural mother? I was a bit disappointed that none of these things were explained but hopefully they will become more clear in book two? I also wish the character of Godiva had been explained more. I’m still not really clear about who she is and how the connection between her and Robin started.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read and the cliffhanger at the end makes me want to read book two! You can find it on Amazon UK here.

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