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Spearcraft Lord Of The Rings Unboxing

Through bookstagram, you suddenly become aware of all these small companies offering amazing bookish subscriptions. One of these is Spearcraft. Unfortunately, I would never subscribe to the monthly box just because I can’t afford it (damn my rubbish wage!) However, when I saw that they were offering a one off Lord of the Rings box I just couldn’t resist. Even though the shipping cost did make me want to cry (the company is based in America).

This was all the way back in February and I’d nearly forgotten about it until it finally arrived last month. It was explained that not all the items matched the spoiler card as they had to do some last minute replacements due to the current Covid situation. This is an item only box rather than one with a book, which is fine with me as I now own two copies of Lord of the Rings as my first was starting to fall apart, being about sixteen years old and surviving a grand total of eleven house moves.

Prancing Pony pint glass by @spearcraftbookbox – I was really disappointed when I found an amazing company called Tookish Candle Company who have amazing Tolkien inspired candles and pub glasses, on of which was a Prancing Pony glass. Only to discover that they don’t deliver to the UK. So when this appeared in my box I was so happy!

Gandalf quote enamel pin – I love the quote on this pin. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. It feels really relevant to the current situation. In fact there are loads of quotes in LOTR which fill you with hope. Which is maybe why they’re my main comfort films.

The Shire inspired soap – Scented with lime, with hints of citrus, fresh grass and warm amber. Which is what I imagine The Shire to smell like!

Aragorn and Arwen tote bag by @Dakotablackart – I find tote bags are really handy for storage and this print is really pretty. I love Aragorn and Arwen’s story.

Arwen tapestry quote by @Catrinabookdesigns – Another great Tolkien quote. I’m trying to work out how to display this without using blutack. Any ideas?

So on these next ones are the substitutes. The box was meant to include The Ring, which would have been cool to have, a Leaves of Lorien Necklace and an Eye Of Sauron inspired candle. I’m a bit disappointed that the necklace wasn’t included but you just have to put up with it and it’s in no way the fault of the company.

Rivendell candle – The colour of this candle is such a clean teal colour. I love it! I’m not great at describing scents but it smells fresh, like you’d expect a woodland area to smell. I’m quite happy this was one of the substitutes!

Meal times magnet – I love how this is in the Middle Earth font and I can’t help but read this in Pippin’s voice. I need a magnet board in my room to put all my magnets. It’s a shame my fridge is disguised as a cupboard so don’t really have anywhere to display them at the moment.

Character socks – I am more than happy to have socks included! Again with the Middle Earth font, these include the names of the Hobbits and Gandalf.

The Fellowship notebook – If there’s something I don’t need more of its notebooks. Does this stop me buying them? No. So I’m more than happy to have notebooks included in book boxes! This image is what I remember being on my Fellowship VHS. Yes, it was that long ago.

This was meant to be a one off as the shipping cost was not fun for my bank account. And then a couple of weeks ago they announced that their next one off box was going to be Throne Of Glass inspired. I only discovered Sarah J Mass this year and I’m only on the third book, Heir of Fire. I was doing my hardest to resist but I’ve been so sucked into the story and am in love with the world that Mass has created. So after a couple of days I gave in and parted with my money. This one is due in September I think. But no more after this! Unless they happen to have a Game of Thrones one in the works…

Do you subscribe to Spearcraft or have had a one off box from them?

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