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June Book Box Unboxing

The theme for June’s Book Box Club was very appropriate for current times and is what all people should strive to be: Courageous and Kind.

The Short Knife by Elen Caldecott

Taken from the spoiler card: In the chaos of the Dark Ages, Mai and her sister Haf are forced out of their family home by invading Saxon warriors. Beyond the protection of their family, the path ahead is full of dangers. Can Mai survive in this cruel world, where speaking her own language could put her life at risk?

I haven’t started this yet but I’m so looking forward to it. The cover is beautiful! And I love stories rooted in history!

Have Courage and Be Kind banner by Georgiou Draws

The watercolour art on here is beautiful (I feel this word is going to be repeated throughout this post!) Having looked at her website,, I have decided I would like to buy everything.

Rainbow Jellies by Bear and Bee Sweet Co

Rainbow belts are my all time favourite sweets so I was very excited to find these in my box! I do now take photos as soon as I open my box otherwise I wouldn’t have managed a photo of these as I ate them pretty quickly! I should have been kind and shared them with my housemate, as these were vegan. I was being kind to myself by eating them all?

Courage Dear Heart window sticker by Forensics & Flowers

This is really pretty too but I don’t know if I’m actually allowed to stick this on my window as I rent my house. I might have to stick it somewhere else!

Mini Flower Kit by Book Box Club

Sadly I don’t have a proper garden to plant this in (just decking, which is still pretty good considering I live in a city!) My housemate has lots of house plants so I’m hoping she has some soil I can plant this in?

Miniature Plant Pot by Blanca Gomez

This is so cute! I’m guessing I can use this to plant the previous item? I’m hoping this is the case! If not it will definitely be used for something in my room!

The Short Knife Print

I’m going to have to start putting all these prints somewhere! Maybe sticking them to my actual furniture seeing as I’m a bit wary of putting things up on my walls. I want my deposit back!

Did you get this box? What was your favourite item? Have you read the book?

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