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Queen of Shadows

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series. If you haven’t read them, I reviewed the first, Throne of Glass, here.

This one starts with Aelin (formally Celaena) return from Wendlyn back to Rifthold to find that everything has changed since she left. Dorian has been possessed by a demon and Chaol is now officially a rebel after having run away from the castle.

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It did take me about two weeks to read this book but the time is in no way because of the story. I just had a week with my first group of year 6s and was so physically and emotionally tired that I didn’t do anything in the evenings other than watch tv (The Great Pottery Throwdown if you’re wondering!) And also I’ve been panic knitting to try and finish a project on time. But then I devoured the last half of the book in a weekend. I don’t think there have been any in the series so far that haven’t been fast paced. Even the parts where the characters are just planning and talking feel fast paced!

Queen of Shadows blurb

The character growth throughout the series is incredible. You can truly see the Queen Aelin is, even if she does still have some of her old Celaena habits!

Also, everyone was right. I do now love Rowan. I could see it a bit at the end of Heir of Fire but this book took it to another level. I can’t imagine having someone so loyal and devoted to me as he is with Aelin! Sorry Chaol, but I am fully team Rowan now. But on a Chaol note it was good to see him letting Aelin go and moving on but remaining friends. He’s still a good one!

I can’t remember if I mentioned Manon much in my ramble about Heir of Fire, but she is now my favourite evil character. I think that’s because Maas has managed to create a character who technically is evil (she is working for the king after all) but throughout you can see she has good in her as well. Even in the previous book when she chooses the Abraxos who has been beaten and considered the runt, she sees the good in him and it takes a good person to see the good in others. And the fact that she’s the only one who could reach Dorian who was trapped deep in the demon.

Maas is really good at keeping the tension and suspense up throughout the whole book. You never know who is going to die or who is going to survive. I was very worried about all the characters throughout! And the twist near the end did shock me a bit! It proved that not everyone is as evil as you think. If they were telling the truth that is.

I am now going to move straight on to Empire of Storms!

Have you read this series? What do you think of it?

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