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July Wrap Up

I haven’t done a wrap up for a while so thought it would be interested to start again just to see what my reading habits have been like!

Only three books read this month but that’s because it was the end of term and it’s exhausting trying to keep children socially distanced. Also the last group of year 6s just moaned about everything and my one to one child just cried about every activity. They were fun activities as well other than transition work (which was to help them with their move to senior school). Our thinking was that he just didn’t do any of the home learning so suddenly doing writing was a shock. So yeah, moaning and tantrums on what was supposed to be a fun last week completely drained me mentally!

Books read in July

Books I read were:

Queen of Shadows. I’ve expressed my love for this book in my review so you should know my feelings. Manon is my favourite character of all time I think!

Burn: I had a break from Throne of Glass as I didn’t want to miss the book club with Patrick Ness so I quickly devoured this. I’m glad I did because it was amazing!

Empire of Storms. As of writing I’m two thirds of the way through but I’m guessing by the end of July I will have finished. It is now finally the summer holidays after all! I’m loving it so far other than one kind of cringe sex scene.

Books bought:

So I thought I was doing well with my ban as I haven’t bought a physical book in months (other than those included in the Book Box. But I realised I have bought quite a few deals on my Kindle. So to hold myself accountable I’ll mention those I’ve bought this month…

  • Jamaica Inn- I’m yet to read any Daphine du Maurier books and it was the 99p daily deal.
  • The Court of Miracles- This is all over bookstagram and was only 99p on Kindle!!
  • Strange the dreamer – Another one all over Bookstagram and another steal at 99p!
  • Godblind – I’ve had this on my wishlist since I saw it mentioned on This Northern Girl’s blog and again 99p!
  • Six Stories – I think this was one I saw on a bookstagram account but I can’t remember which one. Anyway, 99p!

So that’s only £4.95 on five books which I think is okay money wise!

Do you take advantage of the Kindle daily deals?

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