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Empire of Storms

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Empire of Storms is the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series. If you haven’t read the series yet, I’ve reviewed throne of Glass here.

Dorian is now free from possession and his father is dead, making him king of Adarlan. Aelin and her court are figuring out how to defeat the Varg king as well as Maeve. This has been the longest book of the series so far and although it’s taken me two weeks to read, that’s because I didn’t read anything on the last week of term because I was so tired. I read pretty much half the book in three days as soon as the summer holidays hit.

Heads up, there is a warning on this book that it is not suitable for younger readers. There are pretty much all the sex scenes in this book.

I said in the previous review that I was team Rowan now and I am even more so after this book. I’d pretty much completely forgotten about Chaol (although from the blurb of Tower of Dawn it seems that the whole of that book follows his storyline so I may think more of him again after that.) Aelin’s and Rowan’s relationship grows even more in this book. I did find the sex scenes a little cringe though. If Maas writes the words “release” to describe an orgasm again I might go crazy. Also, on a beach? I know the beach is romantic but also in real life sand in bad places…ouch. And yet in Crown of Midnight, it was obvious Celaena and Chaol had had sex but there wasn’t all this graphic detail of him going down on her… Which shows that Maas can do it right and keep the tension. I think the only one that was important for the plot was Dorian and Manon.

Manon is still my favourite character. She is still angry a lot of the time but even more of her soft side comes out in this. She is the best. I hope she isn’t killed off in the last book… I also really enjoyed seeing Elide’s and Lorcan’s relationship grow. It felt really natural for their feelings towards each other to develop and made the end of the book even more dramatic.

The twist in this book was incredible and I completely didn’t see it coming. There was so much drama and tension in the last third of the book that I couldn’t put it down! It also makes me very scared for some characters going into the last book. Overall I love this book, just a shame about some of the cringe scenes.

As much as I want to continue this series, there’s no way I’m taking two massive books in my suitcase when I go back to Cornwall for three weeks. So I will be having a break and just be taking my kindle down with me.

What did you think of this book?

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