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Knitted Blanket!

So this is a non bookish post but I thought I’d share what I spent the majority of lockdown doing!

I started to learn to knit in January this year and then work got busy and stressful so I stopped. Then March happened and i was only going in once every couple of weeks so I decided to start practicing again. My friend then had the idea that I should make a blanket for our friend’s baby girl who was turning one in June. For some reason I thought this was a great idea in April ordered all the wool and needles I’d need and got planning. Altogether it took about 3 months to complete. The patterns I got for the squares were from

I started off with letters for her name

And then I went for some woodland animals and plants so that it would fit with her decor scheme!

I then sewed them all together and added a border, although I kinda wish I’d used a different colour for the border. But oh well.

And the finished blanket:

I’m hoping she liked it! I was going to have a break as I got very tired of knitting but after 2 weeks I was ready to start again! My next project is socks! So far I’ve made half a sock. I found a very good tutorial on YouTube by Simply in Stitches who explains it really well! I still struggle with written instructions…

Do you have any craft hobbies?

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