knitting, update, wrap up

Weekly wrap up

This week has been fairly busy, being the first full week with children in school. Bit of a shock going from 20 children at most in my bubble before the summer holidays to 120… So I was a bit tired by the end of the week!

Currently reading

I’m not about half way through Tower of Dawn and, although it took me a while to get into after having a month break from the series, I’m really enjoying it. Not as much of a fan of Chaol as I first was but it’s still interesting to see what he’s doing.


Series three of Downton Abbey. I watched the first series when it was first on tv how ever many years ago that was. I’ve also started a rewatch of Crazy Ex Girlfriend after my housemate was listening to the songs! They’re so funny!


I’ve finished knitting a sock! I was using circular needles which was fine until I got to the toe decrease. I’ve just ordered some double pointed needles and am going to be brave and try using those for the second sock and just hope I don’t get too confused using 5 needles!

What have you been up to this week?

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