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The Little Shop of Happily Ever After review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve had The Little Shop of Happily Ever After on my Kindle for years, pretty much since I’ve had my Kindle, but because I’ve been leaning more towards fantasy, it’s just been forgotten about. But as I’m trying to not read other fantasy while I’m in the middle of the Throne of Glass series, now is a perfect time to read all the forgotten contemporaries on there. Again, this will be more of a ramble then a proper review. Maybe I need to learn how to write reviews. 

The Little Shop of Happily Ever After is about a woman called Nina who works in a Library but is going to soon lose her job due to the libraries closing down. It’s her dream to have her own mobile bookshop and when she sees an advertisement for a van for a sale up in Scotland it seems like the perfect life plan. 

I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would, maybe because it’s a book about books! I liked how similar Nina was to me, preferring to curl up with a book than going out. And to move her life to somewhere completely random is what people do nowadays (I myself moved to Bristol without knowing anyone.) Having her living in a house-share in Birmingham was relatable too as not many people can afford to rent by themselves, as much as I’d like to. Although being best mates with your housemate not so much. I’ve lived with a few annoying people who I’ve been happy not to see again! 

One thing that annoyed me was that Nina had to have a love interest. That’s the last thing on my mind when I move somewhere new. Fair enough if it had just been one love interest but to have two, one of them being straight after the first one failed. Do people actually do that? “Oh I feel broken hearted but now I come to think of it, this other bloke is looking pretty decent.” I know this is a contemporary but the focus could have been more on her making friends. 

This was a lovely happy read though, comforting like drinking a nice cup of tea! I’d definitely read another book by the author. 

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