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September Wrap Up

So it was the first term of the school year which means I (and everyone I work with) have been so tired! It’s tiring enough normally starting back after the summer holidays but even more so this year after what it was like before the holidays. Throughout lockdown I was only in school once every couple of weeks and the most children we had in our bubble was 20. And then in June/July we split our year 6 into two bubbles and the most we had was 11 children and we were only doing fun stuff as it was their last week before they went to senior school. Now we’re with all the children (120 in my bubble) and we have all the illnesses going around (no covid than goodness) so I’ve been tired and under the weather. The point of this ramble? I read one book. Compared to the three I normally read or the eight I read over August! Three weeks until half term though…

Books read

I started Tower of Dawn when I got back from Cornwall at the end of August and it took a good three weeks to read. Not because it wasn’t good but because I had a lot of days where I just lay in bed after coming home from work. I did start Kingdom of Ash so does that count as one and an eighth of a book?

Books bought

Not too many actually (we’re ignoring all the books I bought with my September pay. That was technically October so I’ll include them with next month’s wrap up.)

*There are links to my Amazon Associates. It just means that if you buy anything through the links, I’ll get a little something at no extra cost to you.

Forever Eve by JB Lexington. This was only 79p on Kindle and still is at the time of writing this! I was alerted to this on Instagram and I think it was by @tata.lifepage.

The Kingdom of Another World by Viktoriia Vent. Again I think I was alerted to this on Instagram. This was actually free on Kindle but I don’t know if it still is.

The Unspoken by Ian K. Smith. Not my usual kind of read but I think this was probably the best choice from Amazon Prime’s First reads selection.

Now I’m back to my usual grocery shopping in Tesco after work, I’ve started to get distracted by the book aisle. I couldn’t resist picking up The Guest List by Lucy Foley and The Foundling by Stacey Halls as part of their two for £8. Bargain!

What I’ve been up to

Work. Being tired from work. Being angry because of a certain child at work resulting in lots of chocolate eating. Oh and I started knitting my first pair of socks! I’ve actually finished both socks now. The first I did on circular needles following Simply In Stitches tutorial on Youtube for Circular needles using The Unapologetic Knitter’s pattern: My Favourite Vanilla Socks. The second sock I did on five double pointed needles following the Youtube tutorial from Marly Bird. The circulars were easier to use up until I got to the toe decrease then it was really hard. I also have a ladder where the join is. The double pointed needles were really hard to use at first because I wasn’t used to using that many needles. However, by the time I got to the toe, I had got used to the rhythm and the decreases were really simple. But I do have ladders at all the joins with double pointed. Not as big as the one on the circular needle but still noticeable. I’m hoping I’ll get better?

How was your September?

3 thoughts on “September Wrap Up”

      1. That will be a very similar experience!

        I did a bunch of audiobooks when I was in my teens, (HP was great that way), but I have sort of fallen out of the habit of doing Audiobooks. Netgalley recently started with them so now I am trying to listen to some books while doing my household chores.

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