Book Box Club, unboxing

August Book Box Club

The theme for Book Box Club’s August theme was Moonlit Melodies. I was very glad that it contained all small items as I requested it to get sent to my parent’s in Cornwall (no spoilers for me) so it was easy to carry back to Bristol on the train! This box contained one of my favourite items ever.

Featured read

The book included was Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters. Set in Florida, Shady grove grows up with music in her blood. When her father dies, she inherits his old violin and discovers it has the power to conjure ghostly visitors. Not only does it sound amazing, look how pretty the cover is! This is on the top of my tbr for when I finish Kingdom of Ash.

Spotify playlist

I haven’t managed to find this playlist unfortunately. Anyone else had this problem? Apparently it has the tracks featured in Ghost Wood Song.

Go Away I’m Reading hanger with art work by Matthew Taylor Wilson.

This is my favourite item. The art is stunning and it’s double sided!

Phantom of the Opera pouch with artwork by Catherine Laskley

I haven’t actually seen this but always in need of pouches/bags!

Midnight Snack by M + H Cakes

I had to take a photo of this as soon as I opened it because I ate it soon after!

Moon Sticker pack by Happy Mouse Studio

These are really pretty! Need to find somewhere to stick them. Maybe decorate my bookcase with them?

Interstella eye mask by Spacemasks

Apparently it’s self heating! I think I’m going to save this for the start of the half term when I’ll need a pamper!

Bookshop Band digital download

I’m listening to this as I type! Definitely my type of music with an indie folk sound. Especially loving the Alice in Wonderland inspired song and the Thirteen Chairs (haven’t heard of this one).

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