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Ember Stag Candles – Small Business Highlight!

One of my favourite small businesses is Ember Stag Candles. I started buying from them last year but only for birthday and Christmas presents.

Then this year happened and I felt like I deserved to treat myself.

What I love about their candles is they all feature a quote from the book/fandom and have a cute little charm on the ribbon. Which makes them stand out compared to other candle shops. The attention to detail is amazing!

The first candle I bought was Spring in the Shire because I can’t resist anything Lord of the Rings related. It has a lovely floral smell and does indeed smell like spring!

They then announced their Shopping in the Wizarding World box (this was before the whole JK Rowling thing. And also no profits go to her anyway.) which I thought would be perfect for a couple of presents, as well as keeping some for myself!

The ones I kept were Gringotts, which has my favourite scent of all the candles I own (I think it’s the peach blossom), and Flourish and Blotts.

I was then lucky enough to win their giveaway on Instagram where I got to design my own custom candle! I had to go for something Lord of the Rings related again and I don’t think Merry and Pippin get enough love so I now have a candle dedicated to them! Holly was lovely enough to also include some wax melts in my package!

Recently they announced their Halloween candles and I couldn’t help myself getting the Dracula and Frankenstein Monster ones.

Ember Stag Candles not only sell candles and wax melts but have also started selling loose leaf tea!

I would thoroughly recommend this company if you’re looking to buy presents for the bookish person (or yourself!) in your life! You can find her Etsy shop here.

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