Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes I am a week late but can you blame me with the week we’ve just had in the UK? I went into work on the Monday (luckily an inset so it didn’t disturb the children’s routine too much) to be told Monday evening that schools will be closed and we’re going into another lockdown. Which gave my school a day to get prepared for teaching over zoom and to get a rota together for staff with the Key Worker, vulnerable and children with EHCPs. Because, let’s say it again, schools are not actually closed. I will be going into school. Then it didn’t help that Gavin told parents they should complain to OFSTED if they’re not happy with the teaching of their school. Um. What a way to boost moral. If you are a parent, can I suggest instead that you praise your school for the job they’re doing, especially after getting less notice than last time. We’re doing the best we can!

Anyway, rant over. Books!

This year I decided I’m not going to set myself an amount to read on Goodreads, I want a nice easy year especially as I feel it’s going to be a bit manic. Also I have knitting projects I want to complete!

But, saying that, I do want to read Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness this year before the film comes out. And I’m currently reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy (I’m on Siege and Storm currently) before the Netflix series comes out. I also want to read ACOTAR series because I fell in love with the Throne of Glass series last year and it seems like people prefer ACOTAR…?

Buying wise, I’ve said I’m not going to buy any more books until I’ve read all the unread physical books on my bookcase (there’s about 30/40…) because buying books is expensive and my savings suffered a lot last year. I say this, as of yesterday I broke my ban but I used my Christmas money so it doesn’t count?

This is a lot more waffle than I intended so I’m going to stop here!

Have you got any reading goals or books you want to get to this year?

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