Monthly wrap up

January wrap up

I feel like I’ve actually read quite a few books this month to say how tired I’ve been. All my reading has basically taken place over the weekends because I’m too tired to do anything when I get home. I even had to bail last Thursday on the Book Box Club group chat because my eyes couldn’t cope!

Books read

I read four books and I’m a quarter (ish) through a fifth.

I will have reviews for these books coming next month. I’ve actually been organised and scheduled them already!

Books hauled

  • Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth
  • The Mask Of Mirrors by M. A. Carrick
  • One Of Us Is Next by Karen. M. McManus
  • Good Girl’s Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson
  • The Unlikely Escape Of Uriah Heep by H. G. Parry
  • House Of Earth and Blood: Crescent City by Sarah. J. Maas

So I am actually banning myself from buying new books until I’ve read all my unread physical books but I did have some money for Christmas so used that to buy these. And also there was a random act of kindness on bookstagram that I took part in (I bought a book for someone else and someone (@thebibliotucker) kindly bought me one so doesn’t count right?) And my Book Box Club arrived which also doesn’t count…

Non bookish

I’ve been watching Book Roast’s BookTube, starting from the earliest and making my way through them and I’m slightly addicted. She’s so fun to watch but also discuses some serious topics such as mental health too.

I also got on the Bridgerton bandwagon and loved it! Can’t wait for season two!

And that’s about it for January. I might have more to report next month if we do get half term in school but last we heard it didn’t sound very likely (no we don’t get paid for all the holidays. We get the same holiday days as office workers etc.)

Did you have a good month? What was your best read?

2 thoughts on “January wrap up”

    1. I think because I’d heard that people weren’t loving it, my expectations were low. So I ended up enjoying them more than I thought! All came out as 4 stars!


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