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Going Green

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Going Green is an adult contemporary by Nick Spalding. I’ve never read anything by Nick Spalding so went into this with no expectation other than distant memories of reading contemporaries back in my teen years (think Sophie Kinsella and the like.)

Excuse my awful editing skills! Hoping I’ll get better!

Meet Ellie Cooke. When it comes to all things environmental she’s, well, a bit ‘green’. It’s not that she doesn’t care about things like climate change and plastic pollution, it’s just that life has always got in the way of that sort of thing. But when the PR firm Ellie works for is taken over by keen environmentalist Nolan Reece, it’s clear that if she wants to save her job, she’s going to have to get serious about being green—or face being recycled. Going green is no walk in the park, though. It involves a lot of big changes, tough choices…and at least one case of accidentally showing your knickers off to your boss. Can Ellie do enough to save her job, and maybe do her bit to help save the planet while she’s at it? And what will Nolan think of her, now that she can’t stop thinking about him…?

Going Green is based around Ellie Cook who works at a pr firm about to be taken over by Nolan Reece, turning the company into one that specialises in sustainable and ethical living. The problem with this is Ellie doesn’t think about caring for the planet in her daily life. She drives a gas guzzling car, constantly shops for fast fashion and uses endless amounts of disposable plastic. In order to save her job, she pretends that she’s the environment’s number one advocate.

When I first started this I thought it was going to be one of my top reads. Lines like “I’ve said clobberdy-bang way too much,” had me laughing out loud and Ellie felt really relatable. But after a while her I found her and the situations she gets into more cringe than funny.

Another thing that grated was Ellie and Nolan apparently really fancy each other and she picks up on his ‘signs’. Maybe that shows how rubbish I am at romantic relationships but nothing I read showed that he was interested in her. The whole thing felt really forced and I think the book would have worked without it. After all it was about her saving her job. The ending would have worked fine without a forced romance.

Overall it was a fairly easy read and had some funny bits. I think it’s more suited to reading in the summer in the garden. That’s when I normally devour contemporaries like this one.

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