Shadow and Bone Trilogy

So I’m going to review the trilogy as a whole rather than each book, mainly because I read them one after the other so they’ve all kind of merged into one! So be warned there may be spoilers ahead for Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising.

My mission for this year is to read books and series I have that are being adapted for screen soon and as this is becoming a Netflix series it was first on my list. And I’m glad it was because it was a great way to start 2021 reading wise!

The basic premise is there are normal people and then people with abilities, the Grisha, some who can summon (wind, shadows, sun), some who can control blood flow, some who can manipulate materials etc. In their world there is a big expanse of land which is complete darkness filled with monsters. Alina, who is a map-maker in the army, ventures into the Shadow Fold with her companions when they are attacked and Alina’s future is altered forever.

There seem to be mixed opinions on these books, some people loving them, some thinking they’re over-hyped. I actually had no expectations as I know my opinions can be vastly different (am I the only one who didn’t enjoy The Night Circus??). Which I think is a good thing because I actually really enjoyed these books. They weren’t perfect but they allowed me to escape which is what I needed at this particular point. I ran them through CAWPILE (Go to Book Roasts video if you need an explanation) and they all came out as varying degrees of four stars.

I did need to dedicate a big chunk of time to them to really get involved. The first I read in two days, the second in a week and the third in a week. I say a week for the last two. It was really I just didn’t pick them up during the week because school was so hectic (#schoolsaren’tclosed) so technically I also read them over 2 days at the weekend…

*Warning, spoilers for characters*

Most of the characters I really enjoyed and I felt that they had their own personalities. The author was also very good at tricking me which then made me shocked at some of their actions! Also, anyone else love Nikolai? His dialogue was excellent and often made me smile or even laugh out loud. And I’ve just discovered that there are books just about him so King of Scars is being added to my wishlist!

Mal annoyed me a bit at the start because it was like he couldn’t take his friend being the strong one. And even throughout the book it felt a bit like he was just feeling sorry for himself rather than being there for Alina. This did change a bit in the third book and I did warm to him.

The Darkling was a great villain in that he did some truly terrible things, but also has a pretty traumatic childhood himself so sometimes you felt like no wonder he has turned out like he has. Conflicting feelings!

One thing that I’m normally not a fan of are epilogues where it has the characters after many years have passed (I’m looking at you Harry Potter and The Hunger Games) but I think they set this one up really well and it actually made me tear up a bit! Each book started with a third person Before and After so it made the epilogue in Ruin and Rising fit really well as it was the same format.

I did actually read Six of Crows a couple of years ago but wasn’t really that into it, mainly, I think because I didn’t understand the world. Now I really want to read it again because I am fully invested in the world of the Grisha!

What did you think of this series? Are you a fan?

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