Book Box Club, unboxing

January Book Box Club

So this year I’m trying to save money and keep thinking about cancelling my subscription to Book Box Club but then they announce their themes and I just can’t bring myself to! I look forward to their boxes every month. They just do too good a job!

The theme for January was At the Masquerade and so the book and goodies were all based around this.

So first, the book: The Mask Of Mirrors by M. A.Carrick. Ren arrives in Nadezra – the city of dreams – as a con-artist on a dangerous mission; to infiltrate one of the land’s most ancient families and claim their fortune as her own. Then she discovers the dark secrets at the heart of the noble House Traementis and suddenly Ren is trapped inside a lie that threatens not just her own life, but the future of the entire city. Can she keep her true identity concealed behind her disguise? This sounds really good but I’ve also seen some booktubers dnf it. Hmm. So I think I’m going to go in with low expectations.

Romeo and Juliet Party Bag

Artwork by Rebecca Strickson. I love this! It’s the perfect size to keep my knitting project in!

Great Gatsby Candle

by Bookish Burns. Getting this just made me even more sad that I missed out on their Middle Earth box! It apparently smells like peach bellini and I can confirm it smells incredible.

Nevernight Bookmark

By Another Studio. I’ve never read Nevernight and I’ve got to admit I’m not a massive fan of these style bookmarks because I’ve had one that ripped my page… But I also know lots of others who love these style bookmarks so it’s just my opinion!

Sumptuous Supplies List Pad

By Book Box Club. I will never get bored of notebooks or writing pads so keep them coming!

Nucao Milk Bar

I love vegan goodies, my housemate makes the most amazing vegan cakes and goodies and I’ve loved them all, especially her mint chocolate sauce! This, however, did not hit the spot. I don’t know if it was the texture or what but I then had to go and eat some actual chocolate afterwards…

Daughter of Smoke and Bone inspired mask

Artwork by Pin and Ink. Another book I haven’t read but such a handy item! Working in a school, I’m wearing a mask every time I leave the classroom even if it’s just to walk a little down the corridor to the toilet, so another mask is a great item, especially one as pretty as this!

What did you think of this box?

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