Monthly wrap up, update

February wrap up

In some ways February has lasted forever but in others it seems to have disappeared! I think because work has been so busy, this term has left me exhausted. This has all confirmed that I definitely do not want to be a teacher! I can’t wait to go back to my normal teaching assistant job.

One good thing about February is we had half term, which is when I got most of my reading done! I was in need of cheering up a lot this month too so I may have broke my book buying ban. But I’ve decided to change it and I’ll let myself buy books if I don’t buy any chocolate that week. I’m trying to stop all my emotional eating and I feel like emotional book buying is a lot better for my health (if not my bank balance…)

Book haul

Excuse the awful quality, I couldn’t get the lighting right! I need some photography lessons!

I seem to have acquired ten books this month! The Familiars was kindly gifted to me in a Random Acts of Kindness post on bookstagram hosted by Ally. The Heartstopper series I bought for myself because I needed cheering up! I read the first volume in half term, fell in love with the characters and so immediately had to then read Solitaire (which emotionally destroyed me) and then decided I needed to own every book Alice Oseman has written, hence buying Loveless, This Winter and Nick and Charlie. I’d seen lots of good reviews for The Sad Ghost Club and, seeing as my mental health has been pretty low recently (I don’t know if it’s hormones as my period has been really irregular this last year, or if it’s just general lockdown lows), I decided I had to pick this one up too. Hidden Gifts and We Played With Fire were in February’s Book Box Club because it was a two book month!

Books read

I finally finished Paris By Starlight after three weeks. Although it was a slow book, it was still really beautiful. As soon as the Heartstopper series arrived (in half term which was good!) I had to stop reading The Knife of Never Letting Go and pick those up instead! And I’m so glad I did. I’ve pre-ordered the 4th volume too! As mentioned, I then read Solitaire which was a five star read but also left me crying for the majority of the evening I finished it (I’ll be going into that more in a post where I discuss it). In need of a boost, I then chose The Sad Ghost Club! I’ve definitely been converted to graphic novels (are they graphic novels??) I hate leaving books in the middle so I went back to Chaos Walking and finished it but, being a massive mood reader, I didn’t want to pick up the next in the series so went for The Skylarks’ War instead!

General update

I’ve been still making my way through Book Roast’s YouTube videos as well as watching This Is Us and rewatching Schitt’s Creek!

On the weekends I’ve been practicing my colour work knitting and have finished these squares:

Did you have a good February?

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