Book Box Club, unboxing

Book Box Club February unboxing

The theme for Book Box Club’s February box was Sisters of the Coven. I loved this box and it also came with two books!

All Our Hidden Gifts by Caroline O’Donoghue – In the depths of a dusty cupboard, school-misfit Maeve discovers a deck of tarot cards and finds she has a talent for predicting her classmates fortunes. But when her former best friend disappears, and a strange, frightening card appears in the deck, Maeve begins to realise how dangerous it is to play with magic.

When I saw this it looked strangely familiar. And then I realised I have it on my NetGalley to read shelf. Oh no! Apparently I get request happy and then get behind on actually reading them. Oops. But this still sounds really good so I can’t wait to get to it!

We Played With Fire by Catherine Barter – The Fox sisters have some other worldly problems when their seance-hosting parties take a sinister turn. What started out as a ruse to trick their gullible parents, soon transforms into something unexpectedly paranormal and out of their control. Can they claim the fame they crave and keep their shadowy visitors at bay?

Another one that sounds really good. I’m quite into my thriller type stories at the moment so these both sound right up my street!

Elphaba Earrings by Sapphire frills

These are so pretty and I’d actually been looking out for a pair of studs so this was good timing!

Tiny Tarot Card prints by Jade Holly Design

Ha well, I’m not exactly into tarot cards but they are pretty.

Hubble Bubble Recipe Folder by Elf Paper Co

This is so beautiful and I’m hoping that means Book Box will include more recipes in future boxes??

Lavender Shortbread Recipe by Book Box Club

I might try these out or get my housemate to because she is the best baker! They might end up awful if I attempt them!

Wonderfully Witchy Wooden Spoon by Book Box Club

This made me laugh when I saw it! I wasn’t expecting to see a wooden spoon in a Book Box! It’s more fun than the plain ones I currently use!

Witches Brew Coffee by Caffee Tramoni

I don’t really like coffee but I can’t complain about them including it as they’ve featured teas and hot chocolates in the past. I’ve given it to my housemate so it will still get some enjoyment!

This was another excellent box which makes it very hard to cancel! How do you lot justify buying Book Boxes when you should be saving money??

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