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Secondhand Bookshelf

So, as this year has been fairly stressful already, I decided to treat myself to another bookish box the Secondhand Bookshelf. It was quite expensive (around £45) but Giv, who runs it, sources the products from small, ethical businesses so I feel like the price is justified!

What I loved straight away was that, as well as a standard letter in the box, Giv included a handwritten note about why she has chosen the book and it is completely personalised to you! She picked Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. McManus for me which was a great choice as last year I read One Of Us Is Lying and loved it! Seeing as it is second-hand, the quality isn’t actually too bad. The cover is a bit bent in places and there is some staining but other than that it’s in quite good condition!

The item I loved most of all was the wooden bookmark from Birmingham Stationary Co. It says “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy books & that’s kind of the same thing.” I completely agree with this statement!

I don’t really use stickers that much but these bookish ones are definitely cute and will brighten up my belongings! I’m tempted to put them on my bookcase! These are from Four Seasons Fox.

Lots of people keep a gratitude journal and I think with everything that’s happened this last year it’s a really good idea to try and focus on the positives in life. This was made by Teppi.

This is technically a postcard but I’m going to use it as just general decoration! This is from Studio Kuukeluus.

And then finally we have this calendar with stand by Aesmo and Giv. Even though I don’t use these types of calendars (I like space to write), the artwork is beautiful so it has pride of place by my bedside!

This was a lovely box but unfortunately, due to personal finances, I’ve had to cancel my subscription because I don’t have the spare income…

Did you get this box? What did you think?

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