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Midnight Flame Candles

Winter in Middle Earth unboxing! Yes I know it is no longer winter (although it’s hailing and cold and generally miserable weather as I type this) but life has meant I’ve been behind with my posts!

I’m just a sucker for any merch relating to Tolkien’s world. I first saw The Lord of the Rings a couple of years after the first Harry Potter book came out so my love for Middle Earth was always more than my love for Harry Potter. So I’m happy to say goodbye to HP as long as I can have my Shire!

This was actually my first order from Midnight Flame Candles but I’ll definitely treat myself to more when I can!

Each candle is in a gold tin and the labels are so pretty! I’ll never get enough of the Middle Earth font!

Look how pretty the tops are! The scents are also amazing. I was a bit dubious about Bilbo’s Christmas baking because sometimes they can smell too sweet but this one is the perfect baking scent!

I love that there were socks included! Mind did get a bit covered with the packaging (no plastic packaging here!) which is nothing a good wash won’t solve.

This box was fantastic and I can’t wait to burn these in the build up to Christmas this year! they all have the perfect festive scents!

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